Monday, March 10, 2008

Jacob Casted!

Taylor Lautner will be playing the role of Jacob Black in the upcoming Twilight movie!

Yay :)

Friday, February 29, 2008

Another Article

Hey guys, I found another article on, so just wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

♥, Frances

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things are a Little Quiet...

After that burst of casting news, things have been quiet regarding the movie lately. But definitely has not stopped anyone from being super excited about it! Ahh December seems sooo far away haha.

Just wanted to mention a new link I found regarding the movie today and a "treetop scene" in it. I personally did not find it that interesting but maybe you might!

Just wanted to share. Keep on loving and supporting this wonderful series!

♥, Frances (:

Friday, February 22, 2008

More Casting, and Stephenie Visited the Set!

On Stephenie Meyer's website, there are these 2 pictures of her visiting the set! So exciting! :)

Here is the message from her:

Hey guys, I thought you might enjoy a couple of pictures from my weekend on the set of Twilight the movie. It was an amazing time; I had the chance to visit some of the film sites (Oregon is gorgeous!), go through the story boards (if just scanning through the sketches is so exciting, I can only imagine how much more thrilling the live action will be), watch some brief videos of stunt work (ouch! but so cool), and even catch a little bit of a vampire baseball game (look out—James is a ringer). My favorite part was dinner with some of the cast and crew. You don't know surreal until you sit down at a table with people out of your imagination. It was more than a little bit disturbing how pretty everyone was, and who knew movie stars were so nice? Anyway, if you ever get a chance to visit the set of a movie based on a book you wrote, I definitely recommend that you go for it.


And now...
More casting! They were all casted 2/20 or 2/21 (there have been different sources xP) and are unconfirmed except for Christian Serratos as Angela!

Billy Burke:
(Source: Yahoo! Movies)

Taylor Lautner (possibly Jacob?)
(Source: Yahoo! Movies)

Christian Serratos (playing Angela Webber!):

Edi Gathegl:

Sarah Clark:
(Source: Sarah Clark's IMDB Page)

Gregory Tyree Boyce
NO ONE has ANY idea who is he (as in like normal, non-twilight movie people...ahhh I'm so jealous! haha)...but HE MIGHT BE JACOB?! The director said she was more concerned with looks and personality than prior acting maybeee? He might have never acted before, which is very possible.

Can't wait! I'm dyinggg to find out who Jacob is!

A few links for ya:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Casting as of Feb. 21!

Hey guys, Frances here! I know I'm a littleee behind on the whole casting thing, but hey I just set this blog up last night so give me a break! :)

I'm going to try to stay as updated as I possible can be with everything that's going on with the movie, so you guys can stay informed too! I will be posting pictures, links to news updates, etc.! And I'm sure Joanna will be on the lookout too.

So, I'm going to start with the cast & pictures...have fun!

Just FYI, I'm going to name these actor/actresses from left to right.

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson casted 12/11) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart, casted 11/16):
(Can't find the actual source, sorry!)

The Cullen Family...they look pretty good!

Emmett (Kellan Lutz, casted 2/13), Rosalie (Nikki Reed, casted 2/12),
Esme (Elizabeth Reaser, casted 2/12), Edward (Robert Pattinson), Carlisle (Peter Facinelli, casted 2/17?), Alice (Ashley Greene, casted 2/12), and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone, casted 2/14):

(Source: Summit Entertainment, Stephenie Meyer's website)

Mike Newton (Michael Welch, casted 2/11):

Jessica Stanley (Anna Kendrick, casted 2/7):

Eric Yorkie (Justin Chon, casted 2/7)

James (Cam Gigandet, casted 2/8):

Victoria (Rachel Lefevre):

(Source: Me and the TV)

I won't usually throw this many links at you haha but just cause this is the first post, yea. From now on I'll be on the lookout for links to update you guys with! For's the long list haha.

Links to News:
(MTV movie blog seems to be very good at keeping everyone updated!)

(I don't agree with them at ALL! Of COURSE you have to read the book to get its real feeling! pshh :) HAHA.)